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Will Kanye’ West White House Dinner include Collard Greens and Ham Hocks If you just accidentally hit the wrong button on your TV remote and caught a brief glimpse of the commentary on rapper Kanye West you may have noticed the phrase “token negro” being used over and over again as he was bashed by the likes of Don Lemon and others. Have you ever noticed that when CNN refers to conservative blacks, they almost always use the term ‘negro’ and when referring to liberal blacks it always the term “blacks” that is used. I know what those sorry hypocrites over at CNN are thinking as they spout the term ‘negro’. It’s as close as one can get to the “N” word without being fired. And they literally hate them. Being an old southern boy, raised on what is today often called soul food, I would hope the main dish was collard greens and ham hocks.

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Thomas Farr US citizens: If you sign, please spread the word! Andrew Wheeler US citizens: I suspect that these “insurance” companies are the ones that employers use to provide coverage to their employees. A national health system would put an end to these swindles. Unfortunately, given his tendency to be totally inconsistent, the fact that he admits these forbidden truths once in a while gives us no basis to expect him to do anything good about them.

At this time of year England seems to slip back into being black and white. The misty skies darken, the sun weakens, the bare trees are black against the fading light.

July 5th, , 9: The Corporation the U. I tried to get into the music industry there, they deflected me saying I was too aggressive because I was trying to shove my music-production demos down their throats. I produce; I don’t make beats nor am I a beatmaker. In addition, not even an hour after I had gotten off the plane when I had arrived to Melbourne, VIC, AUS that the girl I had met off of the Internet was mad that I didn’t treat all of her girl friends to drinks at the club mind you I didn’t even treat myself to a drink.

I am a fcuking guest, and I was suppose to buy drinks for her friends already?! And then after I said I asked her friends what type of guys they were into, they became offended just from me asking them that question. And then one of them exhorted, “I hope that not all American men are like him.

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Younger readers may not realize how much active enthusiasm and support the Chilean and South African regimes evoked in right-wing circles in the late s. They were seen as the front lines in the global war on communism, tough governments unafraid to to take needed measures. FWIW, I have no problem affirming that Hayek was a genius, one of the major social thinkers of the 20th century and absolutely worth reading.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Attacks Dating Apps Instead of Real Problem – Gay Hook-Up Culture This is fucking funny! The dumbfucks at the “AIDS Healthcare [ ].

Carruthers became well known in York for molesting young boys in the s, he had convictions against him in , , , and The victims, one aged ten, were deeply shocked and traumatized. In , when out of gaol, Carruthers was beaten up by three men who alleged he had interfered with their children. Carruthers met Bates, who also has a string of pederast convictions, in Strangeways prison in Manchester and when released they went to live together in Blackpool.

They used enticements of money and boasts of celebrity connections to lure four year-olds to their ground floor flat in Caunce Street. The pair were gaoled again in June When confined again in Strangeways prison, Carruthers persuaded Frank to smuggle another boy into the prison on his 40th birthday to be molested. Former inmates continued to come forward with accusations over decades, revealing a racket with remarkable similarities to those flourishing at Haut de la Garenne and other English care-homes.

Victims report being taken out of the orphanage to the homes of wealthy customers who raped and abused them. Some children disappeared altogether, and some have been found locked up in the house of a prominent ambassador. In , some of the accused were at last found guilty. The church has paid at least 2. The Vatican even has insurance policies to cover these operating costs.

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Fuck the Taliban Malala Yousufzai In an act of complete faggotry, earlier this week members of the Taliban decided to chase down a school bus in Swat Valley, Pakistan; in search of a little girl who had committed an egregious sin – authoring a blog, which criticized said Taliban. After chasing the bus down, the cowards proceeded to ask the little girls inside to identify Malala Yousufzai – and then opened fire, injuring two other girls also in the vehicle, while attempting to kill Malala.

They almost succeed in murdering Malala, as they strike the child in the neck with a bullet. She is rushed to the hospital, and luckily survives after the bullet is removed, though barely.

What you don’t seem to get is that while Pinochet was a thug Allende was also a thug. That’s all gone down the memory hole, of course. That’s all gone down the memory hole, of course. Allende won elections with up to 43% of the vote – but voters are entitled to assume he will be bound by the limitations set out in the constitution.

And tired of it already! Develop a meditative mind, and your manners will take you everywhere. I know a lot about white people. For that I can thank everything from pop culture, history, friendships, and basic means of survival. But because of that, that makes other marginalized people easy to ignore or dismiss, like black people.

You understand white people so well, yet you assert those same people are so pompous and self absorbed, they could never understand these 14 traits? By College age, I suspect most have. It is analogous, however to a red head walking into a room and noting only a single other red head, or a person driving, say a Mustang noticing another simular car in traffic. And no, you arrogantly assert that those white people are not always constantly surrounded by simular people. I dated a black woman in College.

We got along fine. Years ago, I did not hesitate to tell someone if I found them attractive and receptive to receiving the compliment. As you note, now you are so out of touch that you are hypersensitive to any potential compliment and you are referencing everything through the lens of a black woman. Problem is, the message was sent by a white man.

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So far, we know that the U. It enlisted the help of foreign intelligence agencies, specifically the British and Australians. It misled FISA courts into granting warrants to spy on Americans and, post factum, threatened long prisons sentences with those surveilled and interviewed.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/17/ Tonight’s news feed is unusually fat, due to the inclusion of last night’s items, which were never used because of the Blogger outage. Yesterday a group of Al Qaeda terrorists assaulted a natural gas plant in Algeria and killed two foreigners while taking 41 other hostage.

David posted the original fascinating piece now removed on his own Facebook page last Monday. I asked his permission to quote it, which is why I did not post my own blog about it until yesterday. David said in this added section that he was pleased it was ultimately Garry Bushell not Julian Clary who became unemployable, that Bushell had hardly worked since and is an active UKIP member. David wanted the blog removed in general, as I understand it, because I told him I was going to ask Garry Bushell questions as a follow-up and in my view to allow GB a full come-back.

David was also angry because I would not immediately post in public a private message Garry Bushell sent me. I am not an active member of UKIP and my column is still published nationally. He is also offended that I have allowed Garry Bushell to respond to various claims. So here, alas without any counterbalancing arguments or facts from David, is what Garry Bushell answered in reply to some questions I asked him: You wrote a piece trying to get Julian banned from live TV.

He must hate you.

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

The misty skies darken, the sun weakens, the bare trees are black against the fading light. Oh, for the wonderful imagined warmth of wartime isolation, with no annoying foreign allies and the enemy close but unable to reach us. This is the perfect atmosphere in which to turn to the novels of Nevil Shute, an author whose popularity defies fashion and literary snobbery. And now I have the great advantage of knowing a good deal more about him, thanks to a necessary and informative new biography Shute:

The international symbol for Maybe I’ll make two sandwiches, I’m not sure yet. Knife at the edge of the sink! “The International Symbol For. I do this every mornin. If I put that knife in the sink I always regret it.” “This is literally the thought that comes to my mind every time I make a sandwich.

In a discussion about Judge Yeldham, revealed to have been a secret homosexual, Trebilco described how homosexuals met each other in public places. One did what are called beats. These are railway stations, public conveniences, parks, and there you met men and you had remarkably anonymous and quick sex, and then put that to one side, that was a part of your life, that for that day was now closed and you went back to whatever else it was that you wanted to do. And what stage in your life did you ?

I started doing that at the age of If he started when he was eleven years old, there must have been plenty of adult homosexuals who were not averse to taking advantage of an eleven-year-old boy. Homosexual, pederast and paedo-pornographer. Tricker worked for ten years as a teacher until dismissed for child sex offences in Boys would be taken from care-homes or supplied by pederast brothels in Amsterdam. In he was stopped at Dover by customs officials who found him in possession of videos with obscene content.

They were advertising available boys to prospective or regular customers. Tricker insisted he did not know what was in the videos and was merely carrying them for someone else. He moved permanently to the Netherlands where, in , he was convicted on a pederasty charge, but was cleared on appeal.

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