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Bette and Tina are a lesbian couple who were in a relationship for seven years prior to the show’s beginning. They are on and off throughout the show. Tina is shown to be with both men and women when she is not with Bette. Tina and Helena have a brief relationship in season 2. Bette has a relationship in Seasons 4 and 5 with Jodi. Bette has a small fling with student Nadia Alice and Dana are together in Season 2.

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Raymond Babeu was a longtime employee of the area’s electric utility who was also active in local politics. Paul Babeu was the tenth of eleven children born into the family. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and a summa cum laude master of public administration from American International College.

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White gurl, 2 nogs deff upper body trauma, go up in flames when a nigro pours gas on nest, ignites TAMPA — Deputies have arrested a man in connection with the discovery of three murder victims found last month in a burning home near the Palm River-Clair Mel area. Xavier Pierre Whitehead, 28, of Tampa was arrested on a warrant Saturday and charged with armed burglary of a dwelling, first degree arson and tampering with physical evidence, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Whitehead is one of two men captured on surveillance video at 16th Ave. S before firefighters were called to the home on Nov. Haley Stone, 20, Xavier Greene, 28, and Derek Archie, 31, died from upper body trauma before the fire was set, investigators say. Detectives are still searching for a second man seen in the surveillance video and the investigation is still ongoing. Firefighters found their bodies on Nov. Foul play is suspected in the deaths and fire. April 15, , following a welcome party for 70 guests on the eve of their wedding.

Her soon-to-be husband, Jeffrey Pascarella, 32, was in the bathroom. He got up, he ran out of the room. I was just kind of disheveled and disoriented. I was in shock.

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Kristin Lane Police Singles Police Singles is another widely-used site that’s been around since The sign-up process is a little more detailed and establishes preferences beyond gender. You’ll also state whether you’re interested in friendship only, casual dating or a long-term relationship. PoliceFriendsDate PoliceFriendsDate is another popular site for police and those individuals who want to pursue a relationship with someone in law enforcement. The sign-up process is the same as for Police Flirt and Police Singles.

In , he moved to Arizona to pursue a law enforcement career as a police officer for the city of Chandler, Arizona. He graduated from the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy as the #1 overall police recruit and was voted by his fellow officers as the class exemplary officer.

Jonathan Jeffress said that with full approval from the U. Kramer, the Federal Public Defender for D. District Court for the District of Columbia. Jeffress told the Blade that among the sites targeted in the sting are Gay. He said he knows of at least 20 arrests of gay men in the sting operation in which the undercover detective met the men through these websites.

William Miller, a spokesperson for the U. Timothy Palchak has made nearly all of the arrests in the sting operation. Palchak arranges for the men targeted in the sting to meet him and the fictitious juvenile for sex and drugs. The targeted men are arrested immediately or shortly after they arrive at the designated meeting place, court records show. District Court for the District of Columbia, called on a federal judge to dismiss a charge against a Canadian gay man ensnared in the sting in March during his visit to D.

Police and prosecutors charged Ivan Nitschke, 47, under a federal anti-pedophile statute that calls for a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in jail and a maximum sentence of life in prison. The statute, referred to in court documents as 18 U. District Court Judge James Boasberg agreed to a pre-trial defense motion to dismiss that charge against Nitschke last May. Following a non-jury trial last month, Boasberg found Nitschke not-guilty on a separate charge of traveling with the intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct.

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For many straight cops, being gay was seen as unnatural. I moved stations and continued to police other gay men under outdated laws, with me and my colleagues often looking for gay men on the canal towpath we could punish for sex acts. Seniors officers directed us to do this because, they said, these men were causing a public nuisance.

Police said the child met year-old Antwine Mobley on Grindr, a hookup and dating app for gay and bisexual men. Police said Mobley raped the boy.

But the result has often served only to bring queer people together as a community. Raids on gay bars and bathhouses served to inspire the historic Stonewall riots that launched the modern LGBT rights movement in the U. The Toronto bathhouse protests served the same purpose in Canada. Fifty years after the Black Cat protests in Los Angeles , which indirectly led to the launch of The Advocate, we take a look at some of the most consequential strikes on gay bars and bathhouses dating back more than a century.

The Ariston Bathhouse In turn-of-the-century New York City, queer people found company with one another in the Aristan, and police found reason to raid. On February 21, , authorities detained 60 men in the club and arrested At least 31 men were arrested. A German gay magazine in published an account of a year-old European visitor that said eight detectives went undercover in the bathhouse, then rounded all patrons in the front room and beat the guests. The incident led to a violent interaction between the police and the LGBT people gathered before those letters of the acronym had found their way together.

While one of the first known pushbacks against police raids, it likely would have been forgotten if not for the fact gay literature pioneer John Rechy happened to be there as the time. A clerk was arrested for refusing to cooperate with police, and a minister was arrested for making an advance on an officer. While such raids of gay bars were common in the late s, the severity of this incident sparked protests for weeks.

D.C. police target gay men in online sting

Police work is highly stressful and is one of the few jobs where one continually faces the effects of murders, violence, accidents and serious personal injury. A police officer’s twenty-plus years of “peacetime combat” wreaks a heavy toll personally and professionally. No human being, no matter how healthy, well trained, or well adjusted, is immune to the long-term effects of cumulative stress or sudden critical incidents. In the words of one police veteran with 17 years on the department, “Policing is a combination of mind-numbing boredom and mind-blowing terror.

One barrier that prevents officers from seeking counseling is the perception that the information they share is not confidential.

A police sting on gay dating app Grindr, in which an undercover officer posed as a year-old boy, has ended with two convictions being overturned on appeal in the Supreme Court.

The year-old cop, who worked out of the th Precinct station house in Bayside, Queens, was diagnosed with brain cancer in November after he fell in front of his home and complained of feeling dizzy, family members said. As he fought the disease, the cancer spread to his lungs, liver and chest. A video will be showcased of the NYPD cop dancing during gay pride parade in New York City Paige Ponzeka via YouTube The heterosexual Hance lifted the city’s spirits two years ago when a cell phone video that showed him dancing, on duty and in uniform, with reveler Aaron Santis at the Manhattan Pride Parade went viral.

The video had been viewed 8. They didn’t care if you were a cop or a firefighter. It was just pure evil.

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Examples of police misconduct include police brutality, dishonesty, fraud, coercion, torture to force confessions, abuse of authority, and sexual assault, including the demand for sexual favors in exchange for leniency. Any of these actions can increase the likelihood of a wrongful conviction. At times, police misconduct is systematic.

In one such case, Former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge was arrested on federal obstruction of justice and perjury charges for allegedly lying about whether he and other officers under his command participated in torture and physical abuse of suspects in police custody dating back to the s. On more than one occasion, Burge participated in the torture and physical abuse of persons in police custody in order to obtain confessions and Burge was aware that detectives he supervised engaged in torture and physical abuse of people in police custody.

He was fired from the police department in and was later convicted in federal court for perjury connected to a civil lawsuit flied against the city.

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As police officers, we deal with people in tense situations every day and take it in stride. Then why is it such a challenge for us when it comes to our dating lives? Why is it that what seems fairly black and white for us when we deal with other people’s relationship issues on calls usually ends up being a giant mess for us as female police officers?

I’ve asked myself, are there special challenges for me because I’m an officer? Would those challenges be there had I selected another occupation such as school teacher or veterinarian? Well, yes and no. The Numbers Game By the time a woman can become a police officer in the U. Also, traditionally it has been acceptable for younger women to date men who are considerably older; and by considerably I mean about 10 years older.

This means a woman in her Twenties has a wide selection of men to choose from for dating, but as she ages—regardless of her occupation—the pool of available men drops off sharply. This is a result of men getting married and no longer dating, older men dating younger women, and the higher male mortality rate. So by the time a woman reaches her Forties, the pool of men for her to date is considerably smaller.

The Intimidation Factor Next, occupations such as school teacher or nurse are more traditional female roles that are considered much less threatening or intimidating than police officer by men. It isn’t just men who have trouble with the women they’re dating being officers. Women who date female officers have trouble with this too.

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By Holly Brewer , In Dating Dating a police officer means dating a responsible member of the community who has made it their living to protect the rights and safety of their fellow man and woman, and this is of course something that can be a great source of pride. At the same time it means having a partner who is passionate about what they do, and who is bringing home a good salary with a good pension plan.

Dating a police officer can be stressful and at times scary even, and there are a few issues you need to consider and work through. Here we will look at what those are, and briefly discuss them so that you can decide whether they are likely to cause a problem and how you can overcome them.

Florida Police Officer Marries His Partner In Uniform. Nigel Campbell | January 7, Now this is a pretty perfect wedding photo! “I am gay and a police officer. I’ve always kept the two separate. It [the marriage] was very accepted and praised by the sheriff last night.”.

Jen Colletta September 24, Philadelphia police believe they have identified the man accused of impersonating an officer to scam several local gay men. Police have issued an arrest warrant for Michael Daniels, When apprehended, Daniels will be charged with several counts of burglary, criminal conspiracy, theft, theft by deception, theft by extortion, criminal trespass and impersonating an officer.

Ray Evers said that in the past several months, four men filed police reports after being approached by a man who had responded to their ads for sex partners on Craigslist. Daniels arranged to meet the victims in person and, in each case, identified himself as a Philadelphia police officer and threatened to arrest them for solicitation of a minor, saying they did not verify his age in their online communications. Daniels allegedly told each man that the charges could be dropped in exchange for money.

Evers said bank surveillance cameras were key to identifying the suspect. Daniels has a lengthy arrest record, dating back to He has been charged with such crimes as theft, unauthorized use of an automobile, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment and false imprisonment, as well as drug and weapons charges and numerous others. Most recently, Daniels was charged with stalking, harassment and terroristic threats, for which a bench warrant was issued Sept. Evers noted that Daniels has been arrested several times in the past for impersonating an officer.

According to court records, Daniels was arrested three times on that charge in ; in two of the cases, that charge and several others he faced at the time were dismissed, and he was found not guilty in the third case.

Florida Police Officer Marries His Partner In Uniform

There are three basic types of encounters with the police: Conversation, Detention, and Arrest. Conversation When the cops are trying to get information, but don’t have enough evidence to detain or arrest you, they’ll try to weasel some information out of you. They may call this a “casual encounter” or a “friendly conversation”. If you talk to them, you may give them the information they need to arrest you or your friends.

The former View panelist also opened up to Extra about her new romance. “I’ve been dating a woman who’s a police officer from Worcester and she’s on the mountain division, so she rides a.

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Texas Jury Accepts “Gay Panic” Defense For Ex-Cop Who Killed Neighbor